Friday, August 13, 2010

John Sexton: Photographs from Three Decades

We invite you to join us for John Sexton's new exhibit at the Yosemite Gallery.

John Sexton is one of the most widely known contemporary black and white landscape photographers and educators. He was Photographic Assistant to Ansel Adams for many years, and his work, in high demand, demonstrates the technical and artistic expertise that one would expect from such an association. John's work has a very distinctive feel and is immediately recognizable, for he has clearly stepped out of the shadow of his mentor and established a worldwide reputation. The show will be on display from August 18th to September 26th.

A reception will be held on August 21st, from 4-6pm at the Yosemite Gallery with refreshments and beverages.

We also invite you to join us for Sexton's lecture,
Inspired by Yosemite: Photographs by Ansel Adams and John Sexton, which will be held following the reception at the Yosemite Lodge Outdoor Amphitheater beginning at 8:30pm.

John Sexton was born in 1953, and resides in Carmel Valley, California. Respected as a photographer, master printmaker, and workshop instructor, he is best known for his luminous, quiet photographs of the natural environment. John’s most recent book is Recollections: Three Decades of Photographs, an award-winning retrospective volume, published in late 2006 by Ventana Editions. John’s previous award-winning books include Quiet Light, a monograph representing fifteen years of his work, and Listen to the Trees, which were published by Bulfinch Press/Little, Brown and Company, along with Places of Power: The Aesthetics of Technology published by Ventana Editions.

His photographs are included in permanent collections, exhibitions, and publications throughout the world. His work has been featured on CBS "Sunday Morning" show with Charles Kuralt, and on the MacNeil Leher News Hour. Bank of America, General Motors, and Eastman Kodak have used his photographs in national advertising campaigns. Sexton's photographs have been included in numerous publications including: Time, Life, American Photo, Backpacker, Photo Techniques, Darkroom Photography, LensWork Quarterly, View Camera, Black and White, Zoom, Outdoor Photographer, Outside, TWA Ambassador, Southern Accents, and Popular Photography.

He is the Director of the John Sexton photography Workshop program, and has taught numerous photography workshops each year for other programs in the United States and abroad, emphasizing printing technique and mastery of the Zone System. These programs include: The Ansel Adams Gallery Workshops, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, The Friends of Photography, Maine Photographic Workshops, and the Palm Beach Workshops. His informed and entertaining lectures for photographic and professional organizations, colleges, and universities discuss the aesthetic and technical aspects of fine black and white photography. He has presented lectures for, among others, Boston University, George Eastman House, The Friends of Photography, Los Angeles, County Museum of Art, Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, and the Seattle Art Museum.

A recipient of the 2005 North American Nature Photography Association Lifetime Achievement Award, John is a consultant to Eastman Kodak Company and other photographic manufacturers. He served as both Technical and Photographic Assistant, and then Technical Consultant to Ansel Adams from 1979 to 1984. . Following Mr. Adams’ death Sexton served as Photographic Special Projects Consultant to The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust. From 1985 to 1993, he was a member of the Board of Trustees of The Friends of Photography.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Trip to the Ansel Adams Wilderness

This past week, Michael and Matthew Adams took a short trip into the Ansel Adams Wilderness. They were joined by writer Robert Poole and photographer Peter Essick, who were both from National Geographic Magazine. On this trip, the exact GPS coordinates were found for Ansel's Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake image. The weather was pleasantly balmy in spite of the elevation, and the late snowmelt this year nurtured a healthy crop of mosquitoes!
For the curious, here are the coordinates:
37N 43.640, 119W 10.806!
Summit Lake looking down the San Joaquin.
Right: Michael Adams
at lunch, near the location that Ansel's Banner Peak, Thousand Island Lake was made.
See the original image made by Ansel Adams