Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Year's Resolution - Master the Digital Darkroom

It’s time to master the digital darkroom!

Do you want your photographs to really capture what you saw and felt when you made the exposure? Do you think that sometimes they don’t live up to their potential?

You know you could get the most out of your images if only you could learn the complexities of Photoshop. But this program seems incredibly daunting. Sure, you can pick up useful tips here and there. But how do you put it all together? How do you know when to use this trick, and not that one? How can you cut through the clutter and develop a time-saving workflow?

Michael Frye, author of Digital Landscape Photography, has designed this workshop to demystify Photoshop and the digital darkroom. You’ll learn simple, powerful techniques that take advantage of Photoshop’s power but avoid it’s complex pitfalls. You’ll learn a comprehensive workflow to take your images from capture to print. Most importantly, find out how to convey your vision and make your photographs express their full potential.

In this workshop we’ll work in The Ansel Adams Gallery’s digital lab learning simple, powerful, step-by-step procedures for taking a Raw file to a finished print. Morning and evening field sessions will allow you to refine your composition and exposure skills, and beautiful light and the potential for clearing storms make winter a great time to photograph Yosemite. The class size is small—no more than eight students—so you’ll get lots of personal attention.

Here’s a partial list of topics covered:

-Zone System Exposure for Digital Cameras
-Color Management
-Overall workflow
-Raw Image Processing
-Making a Master File
-Using Layers for Flexibility
-Controlling Contrast
-Mastering Curves
-Dodging and Burning
-Making Difficult Selections Easy
-Converting to Black and White
-Combining Images for Greater Depth of Field
-Combining Images to Expand Dynamic Range, both with HDR and Photoshop

Click here to join this workshop and learn the secrets to mastering the digital darkroom!

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