Tuesday, April 29, 2008

LeConte Memorial Re-Opens for the Season

The Sierra Club’s LeConte Memorial Lodge re-opens in Yosemite Valley for the summer season on May 1st. They will be open every Wednesday through Sunday from 10AM - 4PM through September. The memorial was constructed in 1903-04 and became the Valley’s first public information center. Today it is listed as a National Historic Landmark and still continues to provide public programs, educational displays and a library.

Photographer Ansel Adams actually worked at the LeConte Memorial early on his photographic career. Starting in the summer of 1920, Ansel served as the custodian at the memorial. As his interest in photography grew, his relationship with the Sierra Club led him to participate in the High Trip in 1927, which was the Club’s annual outing into the wilderness of the Sierra. By 1929 he became of official trip photographer and in 1930 he became the assistant manager of the outings.

Today, through the efforts of the Sierra Club, a curator and summer caretakers still provide visitors with information on Yosemite, the Sierra Nevada, the National Park Idea and present various interpretive programs to the public.

The May 2008 Interpretive Programs are as follows:

Friday, May 2 @ 8PM: American Indian Storytelling and Flute

Saturday, May 3 @ 8PM: State Gaurdians of Yosemite: The First Park Rangers

Sunday, May 4 @ 8PM: John Muir & Teddy Roosevelt in Yosemite: 1903

Friday, May 9 @ 8PM: Meet Galen Clark: Gaurdian of Yosemite

Saturday, May 10 @ 8PM: Hiking Half Dome

Sunday, May 11 @ 7PM: Open House

Friday, May 16 @ 8PM: Dr. Steller’s Jay, A Visit with Dr. Stellar

Saturday, May 17 @ 8PM: A Centennial at Muir Woods

Sunday, May 18 @ 8pm: Climate Change & “An Inconvienent Truth”

Thursday, May 22 @ 4:30PM: Climate Change & “An Inconvienent Truth”

Friday, May 23 @ 2PM: Yosemite Valley School Poetry Festival

Friday, May 23 @ 8PM: John Muir Around the World

Saturday, May 24 @ 8PM: View of the Solar System

Sunday, May 25 @ 7PM: Open House

Wednesday, May 28 @ 4:30PM: Climate Change & “An Inconvienent Truth”

Thursday, May 29 @ 8PM: Interesting Plants from Yosemite’s Unusual Habitats

Friday, May 30 @ 8PM: The Sounds that Nature Makes

Saturday, May 31 @ 10:30AM: Botany Walk

Saturday, May 31 @ 8PM: Flowering Plants of Yosemite

Sunday, June 1 @ 8PM: John Muir – Life & Legacy

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