Monday, May 5, 2008

The Dogwoods Are Back in Yosemite Valley!

The dogwood blossoms are beginning to emerge in Yosemite Valley. In mid-April, the buds slowly began to take form on the trees. During the past week the white dogwoods have started to come into full bloom.

Dogwoods can be seen all throughout Yosemite Valley. For those wanting to view these flowers roadside, the Pohono Bridge area and the western end of both Northside and Southside Drive are terrific locations.

For those wishing to do some hiking, the trail leading to Mirror Lake is a fine choice. Rather than doing the 2-mile round-trip walk up the paved trail, consider taking the 5-mile loop trail around the lake. From the Mirror Lake shuttle bus stop, begin walking on the paved trail. At the stone bridge, turn right to connect with the loop trail to go around the lake. Along this trail you will encounter many beautiful dogwood trees.

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