Monday, December 29, 2008

Yosemite's First Month of Snow Brings Young Visitors First Snow Experience!

The month of December finally brought snow to Yosemite Valley during a chain of winter storms. The snow accumulation has allowed park visitors to finally partake in winter activities including snowshoeing, cross country skiing and the park’s own downhill skiing area, Badger Pass.

Brayden, Molly, Riley and Bronte (pictured left to right) from Queensland, Australia were lucky enough to experience their first snow in Yosemite. Using props from the gallery, staff member Carol McElligot helped the kids build their very first snowman.


Anonymous said...

these works have to be the best ones i've ever seen

Anonymous said...

Wow this is my daughter Molly.. She was on holidays with her Aunties, Uncle and cousins.. Thankyou for posting this picture, since arriving home she refers back to it alot...Yosemite Valley was her favourite place out of all the places they visited over in the states..Not a bad snowman for the first attempt if i do say myself... Molly's Mum =)

Anonymous said...

For a first snowman , not bad.