Monday, February 23, 2009

Winter Light Workshop in Yosemite Experiences Great Winter Conditions

From February 11-15, 2009, The Ansel Adams Gallery Photography Workshops ran our Winter Light workshop with photographer Keith Walklet.

This workshop proved to be our best winter workshop yet, with Yosemite Valley yielding fresh snow daily. Participants had the opportunity to capture the winter landscape of the park while learning photographic skills from Keith Walklet.

The next Winter Light workshop will be held in February 2o10. Instructor Keith Walklet will once again instruct for The Ansel Adams Gallery Photography Workshops in May, when he will lead our Color Landscape Photography workshop.


Anonymous said...

I was fortunate to be a participant (far left group photo) in this workshop. The way Yosemite Valley cooperated with fresh snow every day and Keith Walklet knowing exactly where the best place to shoot was amazing. It took a little doing to get us all to turn away from the great valley vista for the group photo.

Jim Fowler, Greenville, SC said...

I, too, was fortunate enough to participate in this workshop - a first for me. Nature cooperated in a way that was unsurpassed as far as providing an infinate variety of winter venues for honing our photographic skills. The master instructor, Keith Walklet, was very patient with those of us who were newbies, and taught us a thing or two about "seeing" and not just "looking" - an important skill for any photographer to learn. All in all, an experience I'll never forget!