Friday, March 20, 2009

New Archival Replica Release - Grass and Rain

On April 15, The Ansel Adams Gallery will be releasing one more image in the Archival Replica series – Grass and Rain, Glacier Bay National Park, 1948. This beautiful image has been very rarely reproduced, and is not one that has come available as an original in recent memory. This image was made from an original in the family’s collection, a beautiful print made in the 50s or 60s. The overall print is brighter than the few reproductions that have been produced, and the tone warmer than other originals we have seen. It is, we think, a very fine example of a rare but beautiful image. The Archival Replica is readily available in sizes up to 24x30, and larger upon request.

The most exciting aspect of the Archival Replica series for us is that we can make high quality reproductions of less well known images. Ansel’s published or printed body of work consists of well over 1,500 images, of which only a handful are well known. The collections of the Adams family and the archive at the Center for Creative Photography have many beautiful and rarely seen prints that we can draw on for this series, and we expect to release approximately 10-12 each year.

This is the eighth Archival Replica image to be released. Prior images include: Golden Gate Headlands, Half Dome, Blowing Snow; Jeffrey Pine; Point Sur, Storm; Sierra Meadow; White House Ruin; and Yosemite Valley, Thunderstorm. We anticipate releasing additional images in the fall, and more images each year.

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