Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Painting With Penny Otwell

Cutting Loose With Color!

Let out the stops with color in this one day of "serious play" with watercolor painter Penny Otwell. Through guided examples of color combinations, loosen up and enjoy the process of watercolor painting outdoors in a fun and supportive environment.

Yosemite offers so many scenes to choose from so understanding composition will assist in your own interpretation of Yosemite. Learning to see well allows you to feel more strongly about what you choose to paint, so bring a small digital camera. Through demonstrations on compositional components, the importance of light and value, and using color, instructor Penny Otwell will help you make choices of your own interests.

This is an extremely fun one day workshop for artists of all levels. All materials needed for this class, and beyond - paints, palette, brushes, are included in the workshop tuition.
Next workshop: July 24
See website for more details, or contact us at workshops@anseladams.com

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