Monday, October 26, 2009

Beautiful New Ansel Adams Book!

We are often asked if Ansel Adams made color photographs. Yes, he did, and they are beautiful!

From the book, Ansel Adams in Color:

"Ansel Adams has long been revered as America's greatest landscape photographer. His luminous black-and-white images showcase gorgeous subtleties of light and shadow and have become icons of the American West. But Adams also photographed in color, beginning soon after Kodachrome film was invented in the mid-1930s. In addition to commercial assignment work, he did creative photography in color, and his distinctive visualization of a scene and technical mastery are immediately evident in the beautiful images in this volume.

"Overall, Adams made nearly 3,500 color photographs, but only a small fraction has ever been published. This newly revised and expanded edition of Ansel Adams in Color includes twenty previously unpublished photographs from the Adams archive. New scanning and printing techniques mean that Ansel Adams in Color now offers a more faithful representation of Adams' color photography than was possible before."

A beautiful book attractively priced at $35.00

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