Monday, February 22, 2010

Upcoming Spring Wildflower Paint Out Event for Sierra Foothill Conservancy

Celebrating The Land With Art! March 13 at the McKenzie Reserve

An exciting event featuring the Sierra foothills is taking shape. It's called "The Foothills en Plein Air". “En Plein Air” is a French term that means in the open air. When combined with painting it means artists paint directly from the landscape, as it appears at that moment.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy is inviting a selection of local and nationally-known artists to paint the foothill lands protected by the Sierra Foothill Conservancy. Artists' perspectives have historically been significant in public awareness and support for various movements and regions. For example, John Muir's writings and Ansel Adams' photographs demonstrate how an artist is able to create intimate expressions that connect with the public and remain in our consciousness.

As artists paint our local foothills en plein air, they will capture the fleeting light and colors that make this work unique and exciting. Sierra Foothill Conservancy's 17,000 acres of protected land includes a variety of habitat types: seasonal creeks, unique geologic formations, oak studded rolling hills and savannas, oak woodlands, working ranches, open meadows, and dense conifer forests.

The Foothill Invitational Exhibition will take place in Fresno (location TBA) and the Embarcadero Invitational Exhibition at the spacious San Francisco office atrium of EDAW/AECOM. Both events are tentatively scheduled for August of 2010, specific dates to be determined. Proceeds from sales at these events will benefit Sierra Foothill Conservancy.

You have an upcoming opportunity to observe the artists at work on Sierra Foothill Conservancy landscapes and enjoy a picnic amongst the blooming wildflowers of the McKenzie Reserve in the foothills outside Fresno California.Watch paintings emerge during these Paint Out Events and see those same landscapes on display at one of the exhibitions.

Next Public Paint Out Event is March 13 at the McKenzie Reserve! For more information please see the Sierra Foothill Conservancy website.

See photos of our first paint out at Trabucco Ranch held on November 14, 2009

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