Friday, November 5, 2010

Autumn's Peak

Fall seemed to come a little late this year, with the Oaks and Dogwood finally at their most brilliant right now. Heavy rains earlier in the month knocked some leaves down, but we still have abundant color especially in protected areas. The light has been buttery-golden and crisp all day long, getting even more spectacular in the morning and evening. Gauzy blue-white morning fog has been gracing the meadow areas, creating a wonderful scene for those willing to get up early while on vacation!

Tioga Pass (on Eastern highway 120) has been closing intermittently, and most recently re-opened on Tuesday the 2nd. The high country is also sublime right now, with dustings of snow on the high domes, golden meadows, and lots of solitude. The coming storms may close the pass for the season, check to make sure it is open before planning a trip. The most up-to-date National Park Service information on Yosemite road conditions can be found at: (209) 372-0200.
Image by Staff Photographer Evan Russell

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